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Tanar of Pellucidar ebook

Tanar of Pellucidar (epub and kindle mobi formats)

Author: Burroughs, Edgar Rice
Categories: Fiction
Series: Pellucidar
Available Formats: epub, kindle mobi
Price: $4
Year Published: 1929
Summary: This is the third story in the "Pellucidar" series by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
Quote: Jason Gridley is a radio bug. Had he not been, this story never would have been written. Jason is twenty-three and scandalously good-looking--too good-looking to be a bug of any sort. As a matter of fact, he does not seem buggish at all--just a normal, sane, young American, who knows a great deal about many things in addition to radio; aeronautics, for example, and golf, and tennis, and polo.

But this is not Jason's story--he is only an incident--an important incident in my life that made this story possible, and so, with a few more words of explanation, we shall leave Jason to his tubes and waves and amplifiers, concerning which he knows everything and I nothing.

Jason is an orphan with an income, and after he graduated from Stanford, he came down and bought a couple of acres at Tarzana, and that is how and when I met him.

While he was building he made my office his headquarters and was often in my study and afterward I returned the compliment by visiting him in his new "lab," as he calls it--a quite large room at the rear of his home, a quiet, restful room in a quiet, restful house of the Spanish--American farm type--or we rode together in the Santa Monica Mountains in the cool air of early morning.