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Anderson, Sherwood

Birth Name: Benson, E F
Surname: Anderson
Given Names: Sherwood
Year of Birth: 1876
Year of Death: 1941
Description: Anderson is an important American novelist and short-story writer of the first four decades of the twentieth century. His realistic and non-formulaic writing style influenced, among others, Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner, John Steinbeck, J. D. Salinger.


Death in the Woods and Other Stories ebook

Death in the Woods and Other Stories

(Sherwood Anderson)
Ray Lewis White, editor of "The Achievement of Sherwood Anderson" stated that "In only one case were critics of Anderson's later work seriously wrong in their judgment. Death in the Woods (1933), Anderson's last collection of short stories, contains works that are among our finest short fiction...Perhaps because these were stories and not extended writing, Anderson recaptured the tender charm of Winesburg, Ohio, The Triumph of the Egg, and Horses and Men."
Price : $4