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Barrie, J M

Surname: Barrie
Given Names: J M
Year of Birth: 1860
Year of Death: 1937
Description: Barrie was a prolific writer of novels and plays but his other work has been overshadowed by his most famous story, 'Peter Pan,' the characters in which were inspired by the children of Arthur and Sylvia Llewelyn Davies.


Peter Pan (Novel) ebook

Peter Pan (Novel)

(J M Barrie)
The classic story of the boy who never grew up, filled with such favourite storybook characters as Wendy, Tinkerbell, Captain Hook and the Lost Boys.
Price : $4
Peter Pan (Play) ebook

Peter Pan (Play)

(J M Barrie)
This story, "Peter Pan, or the Boy who Wouldn't Grow Up," was first performed in 1904, well before the novel appeared. However, it was not published until much later. The novel is also available from this site.
Price : $4