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White, Ethel Lina

Surname: White
Given Names: Ethel Lina
Year of Birth: 1876
Year of Death: 1944


Step in the Dark ebook

Step in the Dark

(Ethel Lina White)
When a Count shows a romantic interest in her, Georgia Yeo, a widow, soon reciprocates. She agrees to holiday with him on a small island off the coast of Sweden and takes her two children along. However, things are not what they seem and she soon realises that both she and her children are in mortal danger. In this thriller the reader is left guessing until the final paragraph.
Price : $4
The Spiral Staircase ebook

The Spiral Staircase (Some Must Watch)

(Ethel Lina White)
This beautifully crafted suspense mystery describes events in a large house on the outskirts of an English town. On a dark and stormy night a serial killer is at large and the fertile imagination of one of the servants constructs numerous chilling scanios for the killer to gain entry and attack her.
Price : $4
The Wheel Spins ebook

The Wheel Spins (The Lady Vanishes)

(Ethel Lina White)
Iris Carr is a young socialite on her way back to England, after holidaying in Europe. She feels alone and finds comfort in the company of an elderly stranger, Miss Froy. When Miss Froy vanishes without a trace, Iris sets out to solve the mystery of her disappearance. Strangely, no one else on the journey seems to remember seeing Miss Froy at all.
Price : $4
While She Sleeps! ebook

While She Sleeps!

(Ethel Lina White)
While Miss Loveapple sleeps alone in an empty gloomy mansion a ruthless killer threatens her safety. She escapes this first attempt and sets out for a holiday in Switzerland. Will she be as lucky when she returns home on the thirteenth of September?
Price : $4